A plastic bottle disappears in the nature at 3 thousand years.
If recycle in a long time extinction plastic;
• Oil resources are consumed less, 
• Operating time of  Domestic waste storage facilities will be longer,
• When recycled 1 ton plastic, can be made 14 thousand kW / h energy savings.

About company

Onur Plastik, founded in 1983 since its inception is collecting in Turkey and in countries of the region plastic packaging waste and operates in their  own factory to gain it back for the enviroment. By exporting these Products to 43 countries around the World they are contributing to the world economy. With teir Production Lines and technology is Onur Plastik leading company in the Middle East and the Balkans which is consildate its position in the sector with accelarting investments.

Vision and Mission: Collect the waste generated in the plastics industry to give back to the enviroment and for a more livable World prevent the contact of these waste with nature. Our Company is growing in the sector since 1983 Continues in the World Market with firm steps and target with incorporate new Technologies and high quality kapasity.

Onur in the World: With their Distributors and Business Partners they’re maintain their existence in 43 Countries around the World.  Continue..

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